Stone-coated steel roofing Shake – Waite Park, MN

Cedar - Shake, Waite Park, MN

This church in Waite Park has an outstanding slope to truly show off the lines of our stone-coated steel Shake product.  You get a great view of the panel from all angles as well with the ridges and valleys on the dormers of the roof system.  When it comes protecting religious structures like this one in Waite Park, MN nothing compares to our stone-coated steel roofing Shakes or our unmatched installation practices.  This structure is going to be protected for generations from the harsh weather that we have in the Mid-West.

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I was most satisfied in that they tried very hard to do and to finish and get this roof done on time. They tried to make everyone happy for the most part, and they did a pretty good job. When the siding contractor walked off, they had another one there within two days. They tried very hard to get this job done and keep everyone satisfied. Brown Hall, Concordia College- Moorhead, MN

- Moorhead, MN