Stone-Coated Steel Shingle Walnut Bingham Lake, MN

Stone-Coated Steel Shingle Walnut, Bingham Lake, MN

This bow window had a disposable asphalt shingle when originally installed into the home.  Marcus was able to update the look of the window as well as upgrade the weather resistance of the roof.  The flashing had to be installed further up the wall as the owner was having some issues and concerns with the previous installation.  The down flashings were easily tucked behind the existing cement board siding and fastened in place.  If you have any small areas on your home that you would like an accent from our other panels the shingle is an outstanding option!

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We LOVE the new roofs (and the crew that did the work)! Please add us to your reference list and as a site you can send prospects to see what it looks like installed. Bert of Westfield WI

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